The time when you find the peace and tranquility in your mind, body and soul... Meditation and yoga is more likely to be the only way to soothe your soul and body. But, where is the best place to do meditation and yoga? A class, a beach at sunset, near water, on a mountain towards colorful sky, on a wooden pier to hear the sound of waves hitting the shore, or in a forest that you can breathe the beautiful scent of flowers in? The ideal place is to do yoga is where you feel safe, find peace and just be yourself! Home or wherever you would love to be... And now, we introduce our Yoga & Buddha Canvas Prints collection and offer bringing the soothing views with our canvas prints to your home to create a peaceful atmosphere you will definitely fall in love! May you find the peace with Yoga and Buddha!
24 Prints

You will LOVE your art, or we will take it back — “30-Day Money Back” . The only kind of love that can be guaranteed.
"Is this new?" That is what you are going to hear for the next 50 years. Your yellows will stay as yellow as the first day you hung your art. If not, we will replace it.
Every item is made-to-order and assembled in-house by our team, using only premium materials...cuz we're a little OCD about art.
All of our premium materials are sourced from the states, and then assembled at MyGreatCanvas, in Phoenix. Lincoln would be proud.