Your office at work or your home office does not have to be decorated with boring décor that you typically find in an office. If you are ready to step outside of the ordinary and try something a little different, the best place for you to shop for office décor is My Canvas Print. At My Canvas Print, we offer a huge assortment of wall art canvas prints that are made with one hundred percent cotton that is of the finest quality. If you are located in the United States, you do not have to pay a single penny for shipping! After your order processes, you can expect shipping to take three to four days via FedEx. We provide tracking information on all shipped orders to ensure that you know exactly where your print is at all times during the delivery process.

World Map Canvas Prints for Decorating an Office
It is not uncommon to find maps of the world in many different types of offices. World map canvas prints are appealing because they allow for a quick reference if you need it. Plus, having a world map on the wall is a classy choice. At My Canvas Print, we can hook you up with the best world map prints that will help bring style and class to your office area. When you order a print from our team at My Canvas Print, we suggest that you space each canvas panel approximately one inch apart to create the best visual flow. Each panel is top quality wrapped canvas that is stretched on a solid framework made of pinewood.

UV Protective Coating and Hand-Stretched Canvases
At My Canvas Print, all canvases are hand-stretched over their framework to ensure a quality fit. A UV protective coating is applied to all canvases before they are shipped to ensure that each canvas lasts against the tests of time. Many wall prints are exposed to numerous hours of UV light, and the protective coating extends the lifetime of your print by leaps and bounds. All corners are tightly folded, and each canvas comes ready to hang, which means that there is not any assembly process or prep work. Each canvas has mirrored edges, so none of the image is lost during the process of being wrapped around the durable support frames. At My Canvas Print, we have world map canvases in a variety of sizes and designs that are sure to meet your specific needs and desires.

Selection of World Maps
At My Canvas Print, we have a ton of world map designs that the whole family can enjoy. We have world maps that are designed for children as well as world maps that are black and white, which are used to create an artistic aesthetic. At My Canvas Print, you will also find old and antique maps that are vintage in design. You will even find watercolor world map prints at My Canvas Print. We take a great amount of pride in our vast selection of world map options.
October 03, 2019 — FirstWire Apps Collaborator

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