Extra Large Art

Extra large art can be unwieldy. Large frames, high costs, and difficulty in handling accompany traditional printing methods. Unwanted side effects are equally destructive to your vision. My Canvas Print solves these issues with ease.

What is the cost of hanging a large portrait?

Large pieces of art are expensive. Bulky prints must be stored, moved, and framed. The materials used to hang your work create unnecessary weight and add an additional cost.

When choosing paper, you need to find the right quality, a matte, frame, and glass. A canvas can cost anywhere from 60 to hundreds of dollars before framing. Frames cost more than the original print depending on the style. Accounting for the added weight adds hardware and may even force you to place the piece in an undesirable location.

How can I keep the cost of printing artwork low?

The cost of canvas printing is much lower than when using paper. Pictures are printed on quality material with the same texture as a painting. The image is then stretched over a lightweight frame.

The process allows printers to keep costs reasonable. There is no cost for a large frame, hanging materials, or other components to place your work in the most visible location. With no glare, no mattes are required either.

What is canvas printing?

Canvas prints offer impeccable textures in a pre-framed package. Your picture is stretched too fit a premade frame. This creates a solid platform to hang your picture without any unwieldy sides and extra wiring.

The lightweight construction makes handling incredibly simple. It is still possible to frame your print, but this can significantly detract from the quality of the material. Finding the right stud is much less of a problem with this type of framing.

Unique look and feel

Canvas is a unique material to work with. Painters use canvas. Photographs printed on this medium have a unique quality that lends a rustic aura to any work. Certain colors pop, others sink into the print. There is no shortage of potential.

How can I avoid glare in my extra large art?

Paper prints are not glare-free. Even with a matte, there is an unwanted shine. Artists are forced to work around this issue.

Canvas requires no additional materials and is naturally glare-free. Your artwork will never produce an unwanted side effect, remaining easy on the eyes and perfect for any gallery, museum, home, or office.

Quality canvas printing online

My Canvas Print offers high-quality prints at a reasonable cost. Our Canon grade work offers 100 percent customer satisfaction on a 100 percent cotton canvas ready to hang with shipping times as low as three to four days.

Our Amazon and Etsy reviews reflect a dedication to detail and quality. We offer premade pieces and a create-your-own platform that provides you with unlimited potential. Prints are as low as $65. Visit our website today to turn your vision into reality with a unique look and feel your fans, customers, friends, and family will enjoy.

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