An avid traveler requires a map in either its digital or traditional format. Google Maps make it easy for us to navigate the world. They are discreet, fast, unlimited in size, and updated.

Digital maps only have one downside – they lack sophistication. Unlike the softcopy versions, a world map push pin is a sophisticated piece of art that will elegantly improve the face of your home. It is different when you have a physical map to document all your coverage around the globe.

This kind of map gives you a triumphant feeling of conquering all the pinned stations. Can you imagine the excitement of having tens of dots covering entire Europe, Africa, or Asia? You will have the temptation to brag to your curious guests with rumination of your adventures. The constant presence of the map in your home will be a reminder to live out your dreams in full bloom and realize every goal on the bucket list.

Pushpin world maps from My Canvas Print.
We have a unique set of world maps that are unlike most in the market. The demarcations are highly vibrant and eye-catching the moment you walk in the room. These maps are accurate, down to the unpopular island that you only learned about by accident.

The substantial wall-sized framing of the map awakens the nostalgia of all your past travels. The rainbow-colored canvas will be a class act on a plain wall or a room with uniform interior design. Apart from the extra-enlarged one-piece, My Canvas Print has additional map designs with different colors, sizes, and gradients.
You will not have a shortage of selections from our styles. The different sizes of our world maps will fit into smaller spaces like a constricted wall along the staircase. The variations of the maps make them an excellent array for gift selection. Check online for a map that will suit your personality and home décor, or that of a loved one.

How to make a world map push pin to stand out
Consider canvas print
The texture of the maps adds a sophisticated look to the room. They have a better hold of pins because they do not cause an extended tear to the surface.
Use pins creatively

There are plenty of colors and designs for world pins. You will find them in regular shapes, animals shapes and shapes of just about any object imaginable if you look hard enough. Use these color and shape variations to differentiate your travels in a personalized manner.

How should you mark the world map?
  • Should you pin an entire Russia when you only had the privilege to visit one park? You can use different colors to separate the places you visited and the route used.
  • Your family can use the large-sized world map from our store to mark their travel destinations by taking up a different color or shape of pins to add to the DIY art project. The already colorful map will be a remarkable sight and an enchanting mystery to onlookers.
October 03, 2019 — FirstWire Apps Collaborator

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